Cooper Site

The Grand Trunk Railway Site is commonly known as the 'Cooper Site'. Its Heritage value to Stratford is without question & has been verified by several City Reports - the Borgal Report being the most significant. That report stated that the Railway Repair Shops Building is "structurally sound"

The videos found here show the magnificent structure of the Building (1907) - similar to that of the Eiffel Tower (1889) - by swooping through and around it. It could be a viable Heritage and revenue producing asset to the City again. Solar panels on the roof, interior parking and space for occupants would generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the City each year. The cost of rehabilitating and maintaining it would be recovered in just a few years. What a beautiful building it could be again - 70% of the original structure was glass.

The Foundation is requesting Heritage Designation of the Building by the City. Please support us in this very important initiative. A site re-development proposal by Thor Dingman can be found on the website for the Stratford-Perth County Branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario.

Simulation 1

Simulation 2

Simulation 3